Language Arts

Hope Academy’s Language Arts department is dedicated to instilling and nurturing a desire to learn. Our daily language arts lessons give students the tools they need for reading and writing as well as organizing and advocating for themselves.

One of the most effective tools we use is the Slingerland® Adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham Approach, specifically designed for the classroom. This research-based, multisensory teaching approach simultaneously uses three channels of learning: auditory, visual and kinesthetic-motor.  The approach teaches to the intellect and provides a language learning experience that is complete, thorough, and integrated. It is a supportive instructional program that encourages academic competence, effective work habits, and self -discipline.

Each Language Arts lesson is designed to promote student success through explicit, structured, sequential, multisensory instruction. The purpose is to build a solid foundation in speaking, reading, spelling and writing to encourage each student to take ownership of their academic success.

All teachers in the Language Arts department undergo specialized Slingerland training through the Slingerland® Institute. Our training continues throughout the year in the form of workshops, meetings and conferences. Through all these available resources and training we are able to provide the best possible learning environment which is challenging, creative and safe. Our staff considers it a gift to teach these incredible and unique students.

All our students have 2 hours of language arts instruction daily.

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