Hope Academy is a small, private school in the East Bay that serves children in grades 1-8 who have a language-based learning difference.

At Hope Academy we value students who learn differently. Children with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia need to be taught in a unique educational environment. In both Language Arts and Math, we use research-based, multi-sensory methodologies, which are essential for the success of students with dyslexia. In our multi-sensory classrooms students are seeing, hearing and writing simultaneously to grasp the concepts of Language Arts and Math.

Our class sizes are small so that our highly skilled staff can understand the needs of each student and tailor instruction to the individual learner.

We offer a full curriculum including science, history, P.E., drama and art. The staff draws on their diverse training to infuse these subjects with games, music, collaborative problem solving, performances and projects of all kinds. It is in these classes where we see the talents of our many artists, strategists and athletes shine. 

The dedicated faculty at Hope realizes that our students are full of gifts and strengths. We believe they deserve to be properly equipped with the tools to be able to reach their full potential. As our students are taught in the way they learn best, their academic confidence soars. When our students are embraced for their thoughtful, creative, extraordinary minds, it breeds compassion. When students believe that they are able to learn, they become the critical thinkers that will be successful in school and in life.

Hope Academy—an exceptional school committed to seeing your child thrive.